Beyond the Tax Credit

Corporations and businesses of all sizes – Consider what has been said about this area of extreme importance in our society:

“In a time of tight budgets, difficult choices have to be made. We must make sure our very limited resources are spent on priorities. I believe we should have no higher priority than investing in our children’s classrooms and in their future.”  [Bob Riley]

“As a former high school teacher, I know that investing in education is one of the most important things we can do, not only for our children, but for the benefit of our whole community.” [Ed Pastor]

“We have an obligation and a responsibility to be investing in our students and our schools. We must make sure that people who have the grades, the desire and the will, but not the money, can still get the best education possible.” [Barack Obama]

“Transformation in the world happens when people are healed and start investing in other people.” [Michael W. Smith]


ineerIt is not so much to do about who said it but what is being communicated. Being a good corporate citizen and leading by example should be paramount in our society. Besides providing meaningful employment opportunities and financial benefits to stakeholders, everything from protecting the environment  to investing in our youth [tomorrows business leaders and consumers] should be top level considerations. The contributions  are even more important to potential recipients due to budgetary cut-backs at the state and federal levels.

We at Children First America Delaware County believe that there is no greater return on investment than the message that it sends to communities and individuals when corporations “remember the children” when making investment decisions. The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit and the Education Improvement Tax Credit programs provide the dual benefit of significantly reducing Pennsylvania corporate taxes for contributing businesses and permitting deserving students to live out their dreams of getting a good education in spite of their current circumstances. For more details, please visit the PA Department of Community & Economic Development.